Why Use Personalized Dispute Resolution (PDR)?

  • Our approach is much quicker and less expensive than resolution through the judicial system
  • We encourage a non-adversarial approach to resolution while taking into consideration the interests, needs and desires of all involved parties
  • Utilizing a modified form of mediation, we assist you in creating a settlement that is personalized to your unique circumstances
  • We are not lawyers, judges, or arbitrators
  • We are peacemakers – trained dispute resolution professionals
  • Under the judicial system the imposed resolution is usually “win-lose” or “lose-lose,” and almost always there will be dissatisfaction on the part of one, or both, or all of the parties
  • A resolution facilitated by a Peacemaker will be “win-win” or at least “acceptable-acceptable” in nature
  • We believe that any dispute can be settled by the parties themselves, and that this is the best kind of resolution
  • PDR will provide a meeting location that is convenient to the parties.

What to Expect

After introductions:

  • It will be determined if there are any potential conflict of interest issues
  • The Peacemaker approach to the mediation process will be explained and the role of the mediation specialist will be discussed
  • You will be asked you to agree with some session guidelines
  • You will be asked to sign a Mediation Services Agreement that solidifies our mutual commitment to confidentiality, and that anything associated with this process (other than any agreement voluntarily reached and executed by the parties, or specifically released by ALL of the parties) cannot be subpoenaed, referenced or used in any other forum, e.g., any legal proceeding. 
  • Each party will be given adequate time to fully present their view and opinion of the conflict
  • The Peacemaker may discuss the issues and interests openly or in caucus (where the parties meet separately with the Peacemaker).
  • Needs and interests are discussed, integrated and formulated until a mutually satisfactory resolution is developed
  • The terms are committed to writing, signed by the parties and then we encourage that these terms be reviewed by a legal professional for any required further handling within the justice system  



If the process does not work, you will not have waived or compromised your right to pursue resolution utilizing other methods (such as the judicial system) and anything said, done, intimated, written down or otherwise an element of the peacemaking process is the property of PDR and, by law, cannot be used as evidence of anything associated with the PDR process in any other forum (unless, in Texas, a child is in danger)